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Hosted by Jane Applegate, this new talk show features tech trends, stories from customers, interviews with small business owners, and exclusive tips from small business attorney and columnist Cliff Ennico.

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Windows Small Business Server at work

The Grill on Broadway: 35 employees
Parkway Physiotherapy: 22 employees
Northwest Insurance Brokers: 4 employees
6 employees
Russell, Gallaway:
12 employees

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Welcome to Tech Essentials
Jane kicks off the show
Day in the life
Data storage solutions
Technology to boost productivity
Protecting and sharing data
Gadgets to keep you connected
Tech tip: data sharing
Centralize and access data
Mobile accessibility
Your tech check up
Tech Essentials wrap up
Tech tip 1: Data protection
Tech tip 2: Data sharing
Tech tip 3: Data storage
The Grill on Broadway
Parkway Physiotherapy
Northwest Insurance Brokers
Russell, Gallaway
Tech Essentials in NY
Jane kicks off the show
Protecting your business info
Gadgets to keep you connected
Tips from small business owners
Enhanced patient data security
Disaster recovery tips
Cloud Computing for business
Cloud + Server working together
Tech Essentials wrap up
Does your company need a server?
Accessing and securing data
Sharing data across the team
Administrating data access
Cloud + Server working together
IT Partners can help assess your IT needs
IT partners: a great backup solution
Learn what makes a good IT Partner